I was born in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. My country is privileged for its high-altitude coffee growing areas and its volcanic soils. There, coffee is naturally good, even at supermarkets. When you travel from my province to the capital, you can actually smell and see the coffee plantations on the side of the road, in the San Ramón area. Drinking coffee is a routine that is part of our culture. So, I can say my beginnings in the coffee world come from birth.


I come from a rural family where everybody drinks coffee. To get over the tiring days working in the countryside, coffee flasks were a normal thing: we would sometimes drink it as if it was water.


My grandfather did not start his day without his cup of coffee, otherwise his mood would change. And I used to make black coffee, in a coffee maker, for my mom every morning before she got up.


I grew up with this tradition of having coffee for breakfast or in the afternoon. A tradition that, today, I very proudly follow at home: drinking coffee, my coffee, with my family.


To be honest, I didn’t really have a passion for coffee all the time… But when I became independent, living in the US, and started doing my own shopping, coffee was on my list. At that time, it was SUPERMARKET COFFEE. I did not know the concept of SPECIALTY COFFEE back then.

When I decided to go to Costa Rica to learn how to roast coffee, I had no idea what specialty coffee was. I came back to the US a bit confused and began to study the nature, and complexity of specialty coffee. The more I learned the more the idea of having my own business and delivering a quality product grew.


I never thought that the coffee I would drink every day would be the one I make with my own hands. But now I can’t have any other coffee than the specialty coffee I roast.


Specialty coffee is something artisanal. The personal touch is what makes the difference. The coffee I roast is the result of all the experiences and learnings – doing, trying, meeting people who share their expertise – I gathered along the way. The result is a true, unique product.


My main purpose with THE CAFFEINE SPOT is to share the ritual of having a cup of coffee, either alone or in company, so people smile when its taste explodes on their palate.


I am happy to have a job that connects me with my roots and that allows me to pass it on to our clients. My promise is to always deliver freshness quality, so that the unique moment of having a cup of coffee is truly special and pleasing.


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