Timor Fair Trade Organic


Cooperativa Café Timor (CCT) – The CCT was established in 1994 with the help of the USDA and NCBA (National Cooperative Business Association). This is 100% Organic and Fair Trade certified specialty coffee sourced from more than 20,000 members. The family owned farms are located in Maubisse, an area of high altitude and a sub-district of Ainaro in East Timor. The average small producer harvests coffee on less than one hectare of land. Timor is a small island between Australia and Sulawesi, annexed and liberated from Indonesia in a referendum several years ago. Coffee plantations were introduced to East Timor by the Portuguese Colonists in 1815.

  • Origin: Dili - Timor
  • Producer: Cooperativa Cafe Timor
  • Altitude: 1000 – 1600
  • Variety: Bourbon & timor hybrid
  • Process: Washed / Sun dried
  • Notes: Caramel, Black Cherry, Fig, Melon
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Sweetness: Medium
  • Body: Medium